Certified Security Principles

About this course

Duration: 5.00 days

Certified Security Principles course provides the skills necessary to apply and implement technical knowledge of security concepts in today’s security environment. Students will gain an in‐depth knowledge of systems security, access control, network infrastructure, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security across all vendor products. 
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This course is going to prepare you for security across the entire environment including understanding risk management, identity and access control, network and data security. Thisis just a short list of everything that we cover within this course,which will include new technologies like IoT and cloud services. This course is intended to prepare you to bea benefit to any company that is attempting to improve its security posture! With this certification,you will be marketable to any company, anywhere in the globe! 


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:
  • » Fully understand Security from a real-world viewpoint.
  • » Implement security controls on systems within an environment, network, data, servers, host, mobile, cloud.
  • » Understand risk management and how each individual or department can be part of reducing risk.
  • » Understand cryptography at the basic level to ensure a company is implementing this correctly.
  • » Understand how to impose controls for mobile and IoT devices.
  • » Prepare for the CSP or Security+ certification.
  • » Become part of the solution for improving the security posture of your company.
  • Course Details Outline

    1. Module 1 –Introduction to IT Security
    1. Module 2 –Risk Management
    1. Module 3 –Understanding of Cryptography
      1. Module 4 –Understanding Identity and Access Management
      1. Module 5 –Managing Data Security
      1. Module 6 –Data Security
      1. Module 7 –Managing Server/Host Security
      1. Module 8 –Application Security for Non-Developers
      1. Module 9 –Understanding Mobile Device Security (IoT)
      1. Module 10 –Managing Day to Day Security
      1. Module 11 –Understating Compliance and Auditing